Why should recruiters use a Rec2Rec?

Why should recruiters use a Rec2Rec?

Recruitment is a candidate-short market. Chances are you’ve had dozens of InMails offering you free ice cream every tuesday if you switch jobs, had a call at work about it (sorry about that!), or even had a cheeky request to connect on LinkedIn. So where do we add value?

It’s all about relationships and how Rec2Rec’s harness these relationships to give you the best possible options (and all of the information you need) to get the best possible outcome when it comes to choosing your next recruitment gig.

What do I mean by that?

Get you through a door that isn’t there.

A good Rec2Rec will be able to get a candidate into an organisation where and when that organisation might not even be looking for you. They’ll know and understand an organisation’s strategic direction and put you forward for roles that aren’t even advertised. Only last month we successfully put forward a cogent case as to why employing a senior candidate presented a better use of resourcers than what was already in play.

We get to know the real you and help you to position yourself .

There are very few people with perfect careers. A good Rec2Rec will be able to set the context before you meet an organisation. For example, if you’ve had low billings for the first half of the year, or left a company because of an altercation, a good Rec2Rec will be able to manage that and get issues like these across in a way that doesn’t shadow your interview. We put your best foot forward and appropriately explain why the other one follows!

Deliver a credible package

We keep a temperature check on commission structures, basic salaries, and other benefits so we can help you leverage the market in negotiating the best package.  We do this throughout the UK. We only work with a small group of specially selected clients but they range from well-established multi-nationals to start-ups who can offer equity.

Show you where it’s good to work and where it isn’t.

A good Rec2Rec will go beyond client relationships and do their due diligence to find out how stable a company is and what sort of culture underpins that success (or failure!) Within each of our specialist areas, we have a pretty good picture of who is in growth and who is looking to rationalise to help you steer clear of minefields.

If you’re looking to move on, send Zack a message: 07718083028 / zack@resoluterec2rec.co.uk

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