10 issues with your CV that might be turning off prospective employers.

10 issues with your CV that might be turning off prospective employers.

Here are ten ways your CV might be scaring prospective employers away:

1. Lots of short-term jobs in a row (without explaining why). Be prepared to give your recruiter enough context in order to preface your application with a phone call to the client.

2. An unexplained non-traditional career path. Similar to above, if you have a series of un-aligned industry changes, your prospective employer will want to understand why.

3. Significant changes in responsibility (e.g., moving from a Director-level job to a consultant-level role.)

4. Your formal education doesn’t match your career history.

5. Long-term or multiple employment gaps. This could be from periods of unemployment through to taking a sabbatical.

6. No obvious harmony between your CV and the job that you’re applying for. Recruiters can’t read your mind.

7. Lots of grammar and spelling mistakes in your CV. Get that mate who trolls the comments section of The Daily Mail with grammar corrections to take a look at your CV.

8. Industry jargon from a different industry.

9. If you live miles away and haven’t explained how you’re going to make that geographical jump work.

10. No billings or unexplained periods of low-billings – if you’ve started a brand new desk say so.

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